Benefits of additive manufacturing and their policy measures

Additive manufacturing stands for technology that applies the additive shaping principle and thereby builds physical 3D geometries by successive addition of material.

Advanced manufacturing can play a very relevant role in the competitiveness of the EU industry and is achieving a more and more important status in the EU policies to support the business environment as well as overcoming the economic and environmental challenges.

To this extent, the EU Commission set up a roundtable of high-level experts to analyse the trends and shape the future scenario of the EU industry for the coming decades. Let`s check what the main findings are.

Presenation of Additive Manufacturing technology

EU Industry 2030 Plan

In December 2017, the European Commission established The Industry 2030 high level industrial roundtable, consisting of 20 experts selected following an open call for applications, to provide independent advice on future EU industrial policy action.

2019 they published a final report which sets out a vision of the European industry in 2030 as a global leader, responsibly delivering value for the society, the environment and the economy. It builds on three main pillars:

  • Managing a fast and inclusive transformation
  • Championing global competitiveness
  • Addressing social inclusiveness and our values

The report identifies the challenges and opportunities for the EU industry, the key drivers for success and, in order to achieve the presented vision, proposes some game-changing actions.

As a key driver for success the focus on strategic value chains and value creation networks is mentioned as essential. It fosters the transformation of European industry, in shifting from a linear supply chain management to demand and ecosystem management. It is supported by strong regional ecosystems embracing their own smart specialisation and bridging regional disparities. Progress in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, automation, biotechnology or 3D printing will bring about technology-led transformations across all European industries.

Lessons learned from Horizon 2020


AMiCE Project is well placed to contribute to the achievement of the EU policies objectives in terms of competitiveness of the EU Industry.

Within the support scheme elaborated by the AMiCE partners, beneficiary SMEs will be assisted in the management of innovation processes to allow them to fully exploit additive manufacturing technologies and be supported in the preparation of EU project proposals under the H2020 programe and the European Innovation Council. 1

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Published on the 02.03.2020