Goals of AMiCE

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: We provide assistance and tools within the whole product lifecycle and support the increasement of competitiveness to secure eployment and workplaces.
  • Circular Economy: We provide most relevant information about sustainable processes in the sector of advanced manufacturing.
  • Network: We bring in our network of companies, business support organisation and partners to create new synergies and combine knowledge.
  • Funding: We offer you options for EU-wide subsidies and the procurement of liquid funds.
  • Innovation: We increase visibility of progressive companies and bring in innovation as well as creativity approaches.

AMiCE Consortium

For the Mid-Sized Sector:

We identify challenges, adjusting screws and work together with you on suitable solutions. We accompany transformations to progressiveness and sustainability and open up ecological, social and economic opportunities in the sense of new markets.

For Research Institutions:

Universities, initiatives, institutions. We are aware of our special responsibility and see ourselves as mediators for society and the environment.

For Political Actors:

Political preconditions increasingly require entrepreneurial action. We see ourselves as a link between these actors, opening up new avenues and funding opportunities for additive technologies.

Published on the 03.03.2020