About AMiCE

Manufacturing is one of the key drivers of jobs and growth in Europe, highly concentrated in a Central Europe core and major points of Advanced Manufacturing technologies and it`s competitiveness.

Therefore the project AMiCE – Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe will tackle three major challenges towards adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies:

  • Access to knowledge
  • Promotion of investments
  • Competitiveness of these projects

Kick-Off Meeting AMiCE

AMiCE will aim the promotion of Adavanced Manufacturing technologies in Central Europe, focusing on 3D printing and the application of advanced manufacturing technologies under circular economy principles.

Together we are a team consisting of business support organisations and leading universities, researching in a transnational cooperation in five regions of Central Europe (DE, PL, SK, IT, CZ) with the following motivation:

  • Provide most relevant information about Additive Manufacturing and Circular Economy
  • Provide support and tools within the whole product lifecycle
  • Increase visibility of progressive companies and motivate other SMEs
  • Establish connection and create synergy effects of the five innovation centers

Published on the 03.03.2020